Thursday, September 6


Exhausted and desperately seeking a little respite.

I'm feeling a little frazzled and need a bit of time out from daily routine and domestic life. My mother is currently in Bali and she has a lovely apartment over looking the river with fabulous city views. So whilst she is away I'm taking advantage of her apartment & hiding out for a couple of days with my two gorgeous little people.

My little man is so excited and keeps telling his sisters we are off on holidays to the city!

My current commissioned quilt is all packed, I'm hoping to get a bit of quiet sewing done whilst the little ones are napping!

See you in a few days, once I've recharged my batteries!

Hope you are all having a good week in your part of the world:)



  1. Ohh.. Bali... maybe your mother will return with some fabulous fabric for your projects! Wouldn't that be something?!!

    1. Good idea I'll send her a message. What would be even better next time I'll get to go!!:)

  2. I hope you have a wonderful getaway...we all need those to recharge...have fun!!

  3. I've been feeling overwhelmed too and often think I need an escape but nowhere to go unless I hope on a plane and take off for the weekend. :/ Actually, I'd like to stay home and have everyone else take off. Ha! Enjoy your time. Tammy


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