Monday, November 19


Our typical summer storms arrived this weekend.
Steamy balmy weather followed by ferocious storms, with gusty winds,
heavy rain, thunder,  lightning & even hail late Sunday afternoon.
in between storms, it was steamy again so dips in the pool were needed

friends over Saturday for dinner, so little miss cheeky hair was done with a 
fresh flower from the garden 
late afternoon Christmas sewing was started (more on this later),
whilst sipping on a cheeky chardy!!
daughter #1 created a "mad hatters" hat for an art assessment 

How was your weekend?

Friday, November 16

Giveaway x 2

I'm sponsoring lovely Trishie's blog over at "underlock & key". Pop over and check out her post today & the competition in which I'm offering on her blog...

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Good luck & have a fabulous weekend ahead:)


Wednesday, November 14

mixed emotions

my little man next year will embark on the next chapter in his
today was orientation morning. i had to leave him for a couple of hours, whilst he met teachers; new friends and had time to explore his new learning environment. we hugged and kissed goodbye....both with mixed emotions.

i will miss my little friend, so will little miss cheeky. this little boy stole my heart five years ago. when i first lay eyes on this gorgeous round little ball with thick black hair and such chubby cheeks...i was gone. totally and utterly besotted and still am!
he is such a caring loving soul. he loves to explore, question and investigate everything in life.

i love been the fly on the wall and observing him at play. he can happily entertain himself for hours and goes off in his own little world. one day his buzz light year, next batman and maybe even a pirate. his dress up box is huge! when in costume he embraces the persona of the character in every way.

 he is such wonderful company, i love our conversations we have and hearing his constant chatter.
my little man is so ready for this next stage in his life, he is super keen to learn, wear a uniform and see his big sister in the playground.

i'm happy for him but also sad this part of our lives will soon be over.
this is him all set to go...
this is the face i was met with after his orientation morning:) 
"love you to the moon and back my little man". xx

Monday, November 12



finally we had rain on Saturday which was such a delight, as we so desperately needed it.
our weekend was spent:-
  • reading
  • collecting flowers; cutting, gluing and drawing.
  • hubby & I competed in a mountain 10.5km charity fun run. it was fun to lace up our runners together and join the fight against men's health issues, specifically prostrate cancer and depression in men. 
  • mending was done..the pile was getting a bit out of control. it is a task that i hate, but feel so pleased it's done. so are my kids, as most of it was their uniforms & an outfit for little miss cheeky was adjusted.
  • life has gotten a bit crazy lately and my poor sewing machine was a little neglected. so I spent a few hours happily sewing.
  • pinning was also accomplished with a quilt, so now i can commence the quilting.

how was your weekend spent?


Saturday, November 10


had a very frustrating week of technical issues and couldn't do any blogging...
thank goodness friday was spent with my little ones farming.
a bus full of city slicker kindy kids and parents, experienced farm life for a day.
what a great experience for all...
horse riding....

little miss cheeky was in awe of all the animals...

fun filled friday!
hoping all your weeks finished off well:)

Tuesday, November 6

custom order

this little cushion was created for a little man who recently turned 3.
he loves cars and building blocks and theme colour was red.
the backing ticking fabric ties in with his Roman blinds.
so I created for this cushion for a special little boy:-


if you were out Melbourne Cupping, hope you had fun and maybe lucky on the punt!

my family was struck down with the tummy bug last week, I smugly thought I survived it, until yesterday I woke buckled over. whilst i couldn't move off the couch, my little man was amazing. entertaining little miss cheeky and getting snacks (healthy & not so healthy, but i was in no state to care). we all survived the day, and when the big ones got home from school they assisted in chores. with that I couldn't think of going out lunching or drinking bubbles. so my little man & I watched the races on tv together - to be honest, that was the perfect race day for me!!

tell me how you spent Melbourne Cup?


Friday, November 2

this week

hectic week with new stock arriving, unpacking all the goodies and uploading onto my website...
starting feel bit like Christmas!! 

here are a couple of the new lines which are now available in my little store.
plus i've tried out instagram for the first time. i'm so not techno savy, these images show my first attempts at this new app. it's rather fun!

new values's nice to be surrounded by words of wisdom and inspiration, guaranteed to brighten your day:)

these white metal ice/drink buckets are fabulous. Come in two great sizes.
I love the rope handles.

hope you've had a fabulous week in your little worlds.
Enjoy the your weekend ahead:)