Tuesday, June 26

Rainy Day

 Start of the holidays and it is rainy and cold. Perfect, we are forced to stay indoors, read; play games and watch some movies & not feel guilty.
Whilst kids were busy having quiet time, I was able to spend some time making a new cushion & assemble a quilt which is the perfect size to used as a play rug or little blanket to take anywhere & keep bub snug:-

The only low part of the past few days is my little man is not well, high fevers; bad cough; head ache & runny nose. Not his happy little self!

What do you do on rainy, cold days with kids?

Monday, June 25


We are all so excited in our house today that we are on school holidays for 2 glorious weeks. No big plans are made, we are just going to take each day as it comes. Today is classified a pj day!!!

The weekend just gone was nice but busy...

Cheeky Charley got this sweet little crocheted hat from her godmother purchase at a local market. Lovely orange colour & how smashing does it look against the blue wall?

My dearest & oldest friend turned 40 during the week. She loves loves birthdays and always celebrates with a week long festival, due to the big 40, I think it will turn into a
month of festivities.
She hosted a gorgeous tea party yesterday afternoon, everyone had to bring along a tea cup & saucer that has a story. There were some stunning teacups & some rather amazing stories on how they received their cups.
Below is a magnificent tea party quilted tablecloth she was presented from her patchwork group of friends. A lovely lady deserved such a special gift & birthday celebrations.

How was your weekend just gone spent?
Have a fabulous week ahead!

Friday, June 22

Beautiful things Friday

I love bookshelves that look beautiful.
We are dreaming up our perfect bookshelves for our lounge area at the moment. Our ceilings are almost 3m high & we have press metal ceilings which I don't wish to detract from their beauty. We have heaps of books & also Cd's - we are still old fashioned and love hard copies. Also we love to be able to physical pick up and flick through a book and my husbands loves Cd's and reading about the artist & photography on CD covers.

Displaying your books is a wonderful way to personalise your space.Everyone feels comfortable in these rooms and they are rooms where you want to linger.

Some book cases look amazing, but are not that functional.

Ultimately, I care about the ease of use and function of a bookshelf the most, though if I can add in something that pleases my eye, then I’m happy. I like wood bookshelves the best.

Do you still like to buy books & if so do like a good book shelf?

Happy Friday to you all!

Thursday, June 21


Yesterday a friend dropped over with a little surprise gift, this lovely new craft book "simple home". it is a delightful book with loads of inspirational craft ideas, which hopefully over the coming few weeks I might be able to tackle a few new projects.
The theory behind the book is to simplify our homes as in the 21st century we live the exact opposite. The book encourages you to have at least one handmade item in each room of your home. It can be as simple as hanging your child's latest artwork on the fridge door or handmade place mats on the dining room table.  Your style & personality will come through and those simple things make your home a real home!
Handmade products provide memories and  a sense of history, they are items that will be cherished forever.

Would you like to live a more simple life?

Wednesday, June 20


Loving the fact school holidays are so near. All exams, assesments & homework are complete. So the kids are free in the afternoon to just be kids.
Playing outdoors in the winter afternoon sun & doing things kids should do...

also nice to see them all getting along & helping each other out...

are you looking forward to school holidays? if so any plans?

Tuesday, June 19

Funky Baby Quilt ... update

very chilly start to the day, so my cheeky charley was all snug in her fluffy pink dressing gown. one of the things I love about winter, wrapping my baby girl up in warm cozy clothes. don't get the opportunity much here in Queensland.

"cheeky charley designs" funky baby quilt is pieced together & ready for quilting.
I get so much joy from sewing and watching a quilt change & progress. I love all the different stages of designing and working on a quilt. 
first you have all these fabrics of various hues & designs layed out, then you cut them up, sew them back together, iron each seam along the way, sandwitch it together with the backing fabric & then the therapeutic stage of hand quilting. I more often than not randomly piece it together and for some reason more often not it seems to work out.
then once it is complete & you deliver it to the new owner & you see such joy in their face...every stage is so worthwhile!

do you have a favourite stage to your craft?

Monday, June 18


very busy weekend..

 time spent at "out of the box" for under 8's week & then to the museum..

Daughter # 1 went ice skating in the city for the winter fesitival. 
Then out to the bush to watch my sister & good friend complete the 100k oxfam walk. an amazing challenge for these incredible teams to walk 100k for wonderful charity.

finally home to a warm apple & pear crumble!

hope you all had a great weekend!!

Saturday, June 16

Scatter cushions

simple scatter cushions custom made for a customer. the brief was likes butterflies,
& loves navy as accent hue.
the cushions are reversible, so be changed around for different look.
cheeky charley finds them very relaxing to rest on!

Friday, June 15

Fresh Flower Friday

I just love fresh flowers in the house. At the moment our house has beautiful
aroma of fresh flower fragrance floating throughout the place.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead:)

Thursday, June 14

Product of the week

Product of the week:- Pompadour Candles & Boxed Soap. Pompadour creates luxurious and environmentally friendly scented soy wax candles and traditional handmade soaps. All products have up to 30% off! Boxed candles now $29.95, Frosted glass candle $23.50, votives & soaps only $9.95. Stock up your gift cupboard! Special price one week only.
Visit my store for further product information & to place orders!

Wednesday, June 13


The weekend just gone we hosted a "long lunch" with 20 good friends.
Last year when Cheeky Charley was only 4months I had a bad accident which impacted the use of my left arm. I couldn't do even the basic household duties or care for my baby & family as a mother should be able to. We were overwhelmed during this difficult three & half months by the generosity of our children's school community & close friends. They organised car pooling, meals, house cleaning & nappy changing rosters. We felt so blessed to be surrounded by so much love and support during a very difficult time.
On the weekend we wanted to thank our dear friends & enjoy a day together with good friends, food & wine.

Have you had a time in your life when you were overwhelmed by peoples generosity?

Friday, June 8

Beautiful things Friday

We are hosting a long lunch on Sunday for 23 close friends. So today I've searched for some  inspirations how to decorate our table. Here are some beautiful table settings I discovered:-

the weather prediction for Sunday is rain, so this could be us!

Fingers crossed for a beautiful sunny winters day here for our "long winters lunch".

Have you got any exciting plans for the weekend ahead?
Wishing you all a lovely sunny winters weekend:)Nx

Monday, June 4

Winter hit this weekend

Winter hit us this weekend, with the temperature dropping & rain coming down, we spent time indoors:-

time for snuggling up under quilts on the couch

even our pooch "Bella" headed indoors on the rug

older kids dressed up "cheeky charley" who loved it!

whilst kids were busy I found some quiet time to hit my studio (which is also shared with
the laundry), to work on  "night owl" & "funky baby" quilt, plus some new cushions which will be in store soon:)

Hope you all stayed warm & dry!
Have a great week:) Nx