Saturday, March 31

Fresh Flower Friday

I just adore having fresh flowers in the house, it instantly adds warmth and sense of cosiness to your home.They work wonders to brighten up your space, with wonderful colour and beautiful fragrance. Embrace the clean simplicity of gorgeous fresh flowers to the home - the simple touches make a big difference.
Before pick up I'm heading to my local florist for some luscious fresh flowers!
Happy Friday xx

Thursday, March 29

Pompadour Soap Giveaway...

Only three more day until our March promotion ends. If you spend $50 or more in our store - inHomewares you will receive a complementary Pompadore Traditional handmade soap, which comes comes exquisitely packaged. Keep it for yourself or give it to someone special.

Tuesday, March 27

Picnic in the yard

Big kids at school, gorgeous day, down to the backyard we head for a picnic. Then clouds come out along with rain. Quick dash to back deck & play in the Princess Castle. Lots of fun still had for my little ones.

Monday, March 26

Time to snuggle up

Much to my little man's delight, he was able to snuggle up last night with his big boys quilt. He was over the moon & this morning he said he had the best sleep & said "thank you Mummy for my beautiful quilt", brought tears to eyes to see him so happy & such lovely manners!

Sunday, March 25

Top Quilt Done!

Very happy top quilt to "Follow Your Heart" is complete. I'm very pleased with the results so far.

Friday, March 23

New project in the makings

Had a fantastic day, wet here in Brisbane so perfect weather to get sewing. With two kids at school, little man at kindy & Cheeky Chops Charley a sleep for almost four hours - had a wonderful time commencing new project.
This next quilt is called "Follow your heart", this is for my little darling baby girl Charley. I hope she does follow her heart in whatever she sets out to do.
To be honest I did do these appliqued hearts quiet some time ago, they then got shoved to the side whilst I got busy doing other things. But now I think is the perfect time to make them into a quilt.
Here is a little snippet of what fabrics I've selected.
Even managed to sew a few squares together late this afternoon & had my assistant, second daughter KK iron them all out. She loves to iron!
Just love productive days!

Wednesday, March 21

Only a couple more stitches to go on the binding and few finishing touches and then it will be time to snuggle up for my little man with his "Skeletons Galore" big boys quilt. He is getting very excited!!

Tuesday, March 20

Traditional Handmade Bath Soap

Luxurious natural soap hand crafted in small batches by soap artisans in Australia. Cold pressed to retain the glycerin, a natural moisturising agent. Free of palm oil, animal by-products and sodium laurel sulphates.
Theses divine soaps are beautifully boxed and available in various fragrances. Look closely at them on our site

Monday, March 19

Yummy new fabrics

Have just finished pre-washing and ironing newly arrived fabrics. Can't wait to start designing new quilt and getting my cutter out!

Friday, March 16

Frangipani Friday!!

Woke to a gorgeous Autumn morning here in Brisbane. After several days of rain the sun is out & it's a beautiful day. I looked out my kitchen window to discover much to my delight - our first frangipani flower! So excited I planted this about 2 years ago from a broken off branch and literally shoved it in the garden not expecting it to grow - I am no green thumb. Also we have some other lovely colours shooting up near my girls fairy garden.

Thursday, March 15

My little boys quilt

My little boys "Big Boys" quilt is almost complete. He was involved in the whole process from design layout to fabric selection. Little bit more hand quilting to go add the binding, then he snuggle up with it!


My little man is helping baking his sister a birthday cake. To keep him clean he is wearing one of inHomewares laminated kids aprons which are available in two designs - dino-mite and also zaza which is packed with animal personality & bright colours. Let the kids get messy and not worry about clothes getting wrecked.

Wednesday, March 14

Our little Cheeky Charley has turned one & finally her first quilt is complete. This was commenced before she was born, so I selected unisex fabrics. Then when our beautiful baby girl was born, I could make it a little more girly by adding pink sashing, sweet cherry binding and to finish off lovely pink backing. I'm sure this will keep her nice & warm for winter!