Tuesday, October 30

Work in progress

Here is an update for the teenage girls double quilt i'm currently working on, which will be a Christmas gift. all these fabrics were so lovely to work with. the colour combinations have come together really well i think. as some of the fabrics have large scale designs i decided to use 7" square blocks so the gorgeous patterns are well displayed.


Monday, October 29


hectic but fun weekend:-
daughter # 1 is loving little miss cheeky getting older, she did matching hair
& dress styles for a party we attended. Love the fresh flowers in the hair!
boys spent time staining the decking 
daughter # 1 prepared a mask for her drama class 
a cardboard box was transformed into a garage/dog house!!

I 'm loving all the Jacaranda's in bloom in our city at the moment..
how was your weekend spent?

Friday, October 26


whilst waiting for big sisters to finish at swim squad the little ones and I went "exploring", as my little man called it. on the exploration we came accross items that just had to be collected for future crafting opportunties.
so today out came the white spray can and away we went...

got a little bit carried away and decided an old table needed a make over. so it got a few coats if gloss enamel white spray paint. kids loved doing the table I was getting worried more items were going to get a re-vamp!

still not 100% sure of the placement of our twigs yet...the plan is to place other items collected on our "exploring" trips on them as part of our Christmas decorating.


have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Wednesday, October 24

Party Cushion

my little man recently attended his best friends "Fairy Party". they formed a beautiful friendship last year at his first year of kindy, even though she has moved onto school, they have remained good buddies. she is a gorgeous girl and my little man wanted a special gift to give her, so he asked if I could make a quilt, much as I would love to make her a quilt, I suggested a cushion instead. thankfully he thought that was a good idea.

so we went fabric shopping together so he could select the fabrics he thought Bella would love. she loves pink and purple & owls are extra special to her, as her Nana (who sadly has passed on) was a big owl collector.
this is what we came up with:-

i'm so pleased to say she was so delighted with her "special" gift & has repeatedly said to her mum how much she loves her cushion, and was thrilled her little friend had selected the perfect fabric colours & that it features owls.

it's so nice to give a handmade gift to someone who really appreciates the thought & effort you have put in to create it.

hope you are having a creative week so far:)


Monday, October 22



Summer heat hit Queensland this weekend.
As a heat wave was here the weekend was spent the coolest place we could find...the pool.
It was so nice to see the kids back in the pool enjoying themselves. My little man was a little hesitant at first, but it was amazing how quick he gained confidence again in the water.
By Sunday afternoon he was doing his first bomb dives & all three were lining up holding hands and performing silly tricks.
Little Miss Cheeky loves the pool already but was also quiet content to watch in awe of her older siblings from the front deck.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend in your little worlds:)


Tuesday, October 16

Completed Project

"Christening Quilt" is now in the hands of my client who will present it to her godson on the weekend. She was a delight to work with & it was nice to work with someone who had a very defined idea of what she was looking for & I'm so pleased we were on the same page & she is so happy with the results.
This was a quilt that made me to be very disciplined with my workings & designing. Surprisingly I loved that I had to be so methodical.
Little Miss Cheeky also gave it her tick of approval!

Hope you are all having a good week so far:)



Thursday, October 11

Little skirt

What a crazy start to the new term, this is the first chance I've had an opportunity to visit the blogging world all week.
As mentioned in my previous post, daughter # 1 has taken an interest in sewing. Here is a little skirt she created for Little Miss Cheeky. It is a simple creation that took her only a few hours to whip up. I only had to make a couple of little alterations.
Little Miss Cheeky loves it. Whilst I was trying to take some photo's, she was too busy watching the big kids in the pool & so desperately wanted to join in.
Which she did not long after the photo shoot was complete!!
Hope you are all enjoying a lovely week:)

Sunday, October 7


Daughter # 1 has turned 12. I can't believe how quickly those years have gone by. I still vividly remember her as a beautiful wee baby.
She was like a porcelain doll, with gorgeous white skin, red hair & these sparkling blue eyes that would shine every time you looked at her.
She was a dream baby & so happy.

she loves to design, redecorate and change the layout of her
bedroom (not sure where she got that from!)...

she loves to bake (not like me) & sew...
and adores slurpies as a treat.. 
To celebrate she had a pool party with her friends... 
mum to the rescue again with baking a fabulous cake...just what the birthday girl wanted

she can spend hours under the water

and she is a wonderful big sister..
Happy birthday to my gorgeous first born daughter I'm so proud of the person you have become. Love you so much:)