Wednesday, October 24

Party Cushion

my little man recently attended his best friends "Fairy Party". they formed a beautiful friendship last year at his first year of kindy, even though she has moved onto school, they have remained good buddies. she is a gorgeous girl and my little man wanted a special gift to give her, so he asked if I could make a quilt, much as I would love to make her a quilt, I suggested a cushion instead. thankfully he thought that was a good idea.

so we went fabric shopping together so he could select the fabrics he thought Bella would love. she loves pink and purple & owls are extra special to her, as her Nana (who sadly has passed on) was a big owl collector.
this is what we came up with:-

i'm so pleased to say she was so delighted with her "special" gift & has repeatedly said to her mum how much she loves her cushion, and was thrilled her little friend had selected the perfect fabric colours & that it features owls.

it's so nice to give a handmade gift to someone who really appreciates the thought & effort you have put in to create it.

hope you are having a creative week so far:)


  1. Your little boy picked out some gorgeous fabrics! What a sweet gift. Their friendship is adorable and so so sweet!

  2. awwww that is just too gorgeous!!! He chose such love fabric too! What a lovely and thoughtful gift :)

    1. Thanks lamina, they such wonderful friends which so sweet. They enjoy just hanging out together:)


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