Wednesday, May 30

Funky Baby

I have been commissioned to make a cot size quilt as a gift for an expectant mother, who is expecting a baby girl. The brief was, must be funky! So this next quilt is named "Funky Baby".
Here are the fabrics I've selected which just arrived in from America:-

My client sent a message today on the fabric selection saying "Love it love it love it", which is great we both have the same vision!
Now I can't wait to get cutting out & start the design process!:)

Sunday, May 27


New stock was delivered for my store...had my little helper assisting in unpacking!

Cheeky Charley in her new skirt bought at a local market along with her first pair of
shoes & they squeak, super cute!

 Rolling down the hill.

Even found time this afternoon to sit & read my favourite mag!:)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend doing things you enjoy. Have a fabulous week ahead:)

Friday, May 25

Product of the Week

This deluxe room diffuser is enriched with the soothing elements of Chamomile,
Lavender & Bergamot Essential Oils.
This 100% Australian made diffuser combines the highest quality
Australian fragrances & oils.
Fragrance for a minimum of 6 months.

Plenty of  stock has arrived & I have little hands ready to help pick orders!
Normal price $39.50 but for one week, $32.00.
All Australian Made.
Other fragrances - French Vanilla; Frangipani & Wild Citrus
were $36.50 now $30.
They make any space in your home smell amazing & are also  lovely gifts.

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, May 24

Beautiful things..

Beautiful new fabrics arrived today, really love the first vintage teddy fabric.

Beautiful colours are blooming in our backyard...

Beautiful scent of lavender wafting in the air...

Most importantly my beautiful little Cheeky Charley...I love you so!

Hope your day was surrounded by beautiful things:)

Wednesday, May 23

Night Owl

New project is a cot size little girls quilt, called "Night Owl". This will be ready in about months time for sale on my website. Here is a little sneak preview of how the
quilt is shaping up.

Now onto the fun part...hand quilting!:)

Sunday, May 20

Sooty Owl Cushion

The brief this time was for another little girl who likes owls; purple & she is a girly girl!

I hope the little girl recieving this gift likes her new "sooty owl" cushion!

Saturday, May 19

Doggy Cushion

Brief was little girl turning 9 and loves, loves dogs. Must be a soft & cuddly cushion.
This is what was created:-

All wrapped and ready to go, hope the receiving little girl loves to cuddle up
with this doggy cushion!

Friday, May 18


Congratulations to our winner Lamina who won the recent competition from Christina Lowry blog, sponsorship blog. The voucher was redeemed and goodies have been sent out.
We hope  you love your package of inHomewares products!:)

Tuesday, May 15

Day at home

My poor little man had a rough night last night, with a raging fever & the sweats. Cheeky Charley also had a rough night & today feverish.
This was our calling for a home day - yippee! Dropped big girls off to school, then headed straight home.
My little boy spent most of the day on the couch & Cheeky Charley had two big sleeps.
So I managed to sneak in a bit of sewing, started preparing two  new quilts - one will be cot size for a baby girl and the other will be a girls single bed size quilt. I'm really loving the blue fabric with flowers & think I will incorporate it into both quilts.
Cooked up a shepherds pie - good comfort food.
My eldest daughter had year 7 NAPLAN testing, so when she got home I treated her to a "luxurious bath" to unwind!
Besides little ones not well, had a rather good day pottering!
Hope you all enjoyed your day & are keeping warm.

Monday, May 14

My day

Beautiful day was had in my little home today!
Flowers, little homemade pressies & new sewing box, brekky cooked by my eldest daughter along with a lovely table setting with a rose & gorgeous note on my plate.
The afternoon we had drinks on our deck with my extended family.
I felt very blessed yesterday to be surrouned by all my wonderful wonderful family.
Hope you all had a special Mother's Day with loved ones.

Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day

We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t have a mother. Mothers love us, they feed us and nurture us, they give us life, they raise us as best as they can, they encourage us and forgive us.
Most see Mother’s Day as a day to thank mums for being there and for being so special. And it is a day for everyone to sit back and celebrate their mum.

I understand that not everyone will celebrate this day for one reason or another. Mother’s Day can be a hard day for some women. Mother’s Day brings back so many feelings of sadness and happiness and everyone will spend today with memories of the past, thoughts of today and we all look to the future.

What ever your day beholds, I hope you receive some joy and happiness in the day ahead & spend time with loved ones.

Friday, May 11

Follow your heart

The last stitch was complete last night, just in time for bed time!

Night sweet girl, hope all your dreams and hopes come true. I love you with all my heart!

This quilt is for my adorable baby girl, Cheeky Charley.
"Follow Your Heart, dont let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."