Monday, May 14

My day

Beautiful day was had in my little home today!
Flowers, little homemade pressies & new sewing box, brekky cooked by my eldest daughter along with a lovely table setting with a rose & gorgeous note on my plate.
The afternoon we had drinks on our deck with my extended family.
I felt very blessed yesterday to be surrouned by all my wonderful wonderful family.
Hope you all had a special Mother's Day with loved ones.


  1. Nicole it looks like you had a beautiful day. I love the menu that you got for breakfast and how lovely that your oldest cooked it for you, it's such a nice treat. Have a wonderful week.x

  2. Thanks Catherine, it was a nice day particularly the kids get such a kick out of it, which makes it extra special seeing them so excited and all the lovely things the prepared and made! It looked like you also had a special day with your girls. Nx


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