Tuesday, May 15

Day at home

My poor little man had a rough night last night, with a raging fever & the sweats. Cheeky Charley also had a rough night & today feverish.
This was our calling for a home day - yippee! Dropped big girls off to school, then headed straight home.
My little boy spent most of the day on the couch & Cheeky Charley had two big sleeps.
So I managed to sneak in a bit of sewing, started preparing two  new quilts - one will be cot size for a baby girl and the other will be a girls single bed size quilt. I'm really loving the blue fabric with flowers & think I will incorporate it into both quilts.
Cooked up a shepherds pie - good comfort food.
My eldest daughter had year 7 NAPLAN testing, so when she got home I treated her to a "luxurious bath" to unwind!
Besides little ones not well, had a rather good day pottering!
Hope you all enjoyed your day & are keeping warm.


  1. I hope everyone is feeling much better now. What a lovely Mum you are to run your big girl a bath after all that testing, it's a busy few days for them isn't it. My little one did her Year 3 tests, I know at the end of the week she was exhausted and just enjoyed relaxing too. Have a great weekend Nicole. xx

    1. Massive time for kids with school pressure now adays. Sometimes they need some pampering & down time! Hope your little one didn't get too stressed with the whole thing. Nx


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