Saturday, February 4

Flower Quilt

Finally complete, this was a long time in the making. My eldest daughter is delighted with her new quilt. The flower in the middle and hexagons on the border are all hand cut out and appliqued on. Very time consuming but well worth it.

Thursday, February 2

Introducing "Cheeky Charley" Designs

For over 20years I have enjoyed making quilts. I first found the love of this craft whilst travelling around Australia, I was into decoupage, but discovered it was difficult to do whilst travelling, as not a very portable craft. To my delight I stumbled across quilting. I commenced doing absolutely everything by hand, as all I needed was scissors, thread & fabric. I spent many hours happily hand sewing as we drove thousands of miles around Australia. Now I use a machine to piece the top together, but still hand quilt all my quilts.
I have pondered branching out and making bespoke quilts on commission for a long time. Since opening up my own onlines homewares business, decided this was the perfect opportunity to commence my besoke quilts.
Every quilt will be unique, and reflect each indiviuals personality. It will become a cherished item one will love forever.
The inspiration behind the name, "Cheeky Charley Designs" is our fourth child who is the sweetest cheekiest baby around & has made our little world so complete. These photo's of our little darling speak for themselves.
So stay tuned for more information on Cheeky Charley Designs, bespoke quilts.