Monday, July 30


After a hectic day on Saturday, Sunday our family day was spent at home doing outdoor projects.
Hubby, my little man & daughter # 2 spent the morning building a dog kennel for our two pooches. With hard hats on they got out the tools and started to hammer away. Our little man was in absolute heaven to be building something real & was proud as punch with the completed kennel.
Though sadly the pooches not so happy. They are not very impressed with moving out of the tool shed into their own comfy kennel - I don't get it!!!

Little Miss Cheeky was happy to have a tea party with dolly & teddy.

Another outdoor project the kids decided on was to update the decor of their cubby house:-new bright curtains; flower door & window hangers; colourful rugs on the floor and to finish off fresh flowers picked from the garden...

Miss Cheeky then enjoyed her afternoon tea in the newly decorated cubby!

Lovely productive weekend. Though I can report dogs first night in new kennel not a success, they spent the night crying & barking.
Any tips on how to encourage dogs to like new sleeping quarters are welcome!!
Have a great week:)

Saturday, July 28

Open House

Couple times a year, I host a special "open house" day, in which local community clients are invited to join in an afternoon of casual shopping with a glass of bubbles in hand. New products are introduced and other lines are available for purchase at special pricing.

On Saturday I had a lovely afternoon with many special clients coming along to view new ranges & pick up some little purchases.

"Absolute Gorgeous" organic skin care range was on display, and we had a great response to this beautiful range of certified organic skin care & baby care products.

Divine "Liberte" home fragrances & body care products.

"Cheeky Charley designs" also had a lovely response from clients. 

Successful afternoon spent with many lovely clients.


Friday, July 27

Project complete

With mylittle mans upcoming 5th birthday party in a few weeks, time to get organised.
I've just completed "pirate bunting", which will be hung in the garden for his special day. I made it using the same fabrics used in "Skeletons Galore" quilt, so it will co-ordinate
 nicely together.

This is my first attempt to make bunting and I'm rather happy with the results. Hopefully I will create a range to place some in my shop. Bunting is a fun accessory to hang in kids spaces or place in the garden for parties or any special occasion .

My little man was very happy when he arrived home to find the bunting hanging up in his room, excitement is building with his big day only two weeks away!

Hope you have had a creative week.

Wednesday, July 25


My two little ones just love days when we are not rushing around
doing errands and we can enjoy time at home....

They both have great imaginations and I love to watch quietly whilst they go about in their own little worlds keeping very busy.
My little man who loves to dress up & is currently into building. With his own tools in hand, he has spent the past few days busily hammering and sawing into trees.
Cheeky Charley is never too far away, with her baby getting dragged around, watching in awe big bro & trying to copy whatever he is doing.

Days like these are my favourites. Outdoors in the sunshine watching happy little people being busy, but busy in a fun, imaginative way!

Hope you are having a fun happy week so far.

Friday, July 20

Beautiful things Friday.

Couldn't resist posting this adorable photo I found this morning!
How cute is it? 

I love beautiful fresh flowers in the home...
the fragrance, colours & gorgeous arrangements, simple touches can make a big
difference to any space.

Pinned Image

how clever is this arrangement, set in a bowl of limes...
Pinned Image

what a stunning centre piece!

sequenced water
 Pinned Image

sitting pretty in white 
 Pinned Image

pretty in pink
 Pinned Image

love all these colours
Pinned Image

Have a fabulous weekend ahead!

Thursday, July 19

"Happy red mushrooms"

Busy week, can't believe it is almost the weekend. With my first week back to nearly normal with kids etc back to school & kindy, after almost 3weeks, it's nice to get house back to order & get stuck into some sewing.

I've got a new commissioned quilt that I started to work on. Fabrics arrived from the USA & Japan, so I can get to work. The brief from client is it's a baby's quilt for a friend, who is expecting in mid August her first little cherub. The nursery colours are: red, white & cream. Sex is unknown.

Fabric selection is:-

Now for the layout:-

My client loves all the bright cool fabrics, particularly the red mushroom houses.
So I decided to call this quilt "Happy Red Mushrooms"!

Hope you have all had a productive week so far in your creative world!

Tuesday, July 17

Red, white & cream

New fabrics arrived today for my next project:-

Time to get them washed; ironed & ready for the cut!

Stay tuned for more photo's as it progresses.

Monday, July 16

Party planning..

My little man is soon to be five, can't believe how quickly that time has gone. I still vividly remembering his wonderful birth and the joy we had when we discovered we had a son. My girls were both over joyed to have a brother. He is a very loving caring little soul, I really enjoy his company. He is a good conversationalist and has a great sense of humor. I will really miss my little man next year when he commences school.

With his upcoming birthday, we decided he can have his first real party with his little friends. The theme he chose was "Pirates"! He recently got a pirate ship from a friend & also the "skeletons galore" quilt I made him, got him on the pirate track.

Today we spent the day making up the invites. 

They are now ready to be delivered....onto more party planning.

What sort of party themes have you put on for your kids or even adult themed parties?

Saturday, July 14

Racing Tracks...

This new cot size quilt "racing tracks" is getting made as a one off to be placed
into my shop.
It is a fun quilt for any little active boy. I'm loving the gorgeous blue; green & orange hues. I've had great enjoyment already working on this new project.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far!