Monday, July 16

Party planning..

My little man is soon to be five, can't believe how quickly that time has gone. I still vividly remembering his wonderful birth and the joy we had when we discovered we had a son. My girls were both over joyed to have a brother. He is a very loving caring little soul, I really enjoy his company. He is a good conversationalist and has a great sense of humor. I will really miss my little man next year when he commences school.

With his upcoming birthday, we decided he can have his first real party with his little friends. The theme he chose was "Pirates"! He recently got a pirate ship from a friend & also the "skeletons galore" quilt I made him, got him on the pirate track.

Today we spent the day making up the invites. 

They are now ready to be delivered....onto more party planning.

What sort of party themes have you put on for your kids or even adult themed parties?


  1. These are very cool. I love the extra detail that you went to dying the paper and cutting out like an old map. I bet your little boy is getting very excited about his birthday. He does look like a sweet little boy. It is sad but exciting at the same time seeing them grow isn't it. x

  2. I love a themed party...the invites look really good!


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