Monday, July 30


After a hectic day on Saturday, Sunday our family day was spent at home doing outdoor projects.
Hubby, my little man & daughter # 2 spent the morning building a dog kennel for our two pooches. With hard hats on they got out the tools and started to hammer away. Our little man was in absolute heaven to be building something real & was proud as punch with the completed kennel.
Though sadly the pooches not so happy. They are not very impressed with moving out of the tool shed into their own comfy kennel - I don't get it!!!

Little Miss Cheeky was happy to have a tea party with dolly & teddy.

Another outdoor project the kids decided on was to update the decor of their cubby house:-new bright curtains; flower door & window hangers; colourful rugs on the floor and to finish off fresh flowers picked from the garden...

Miss Cheeky then enjoyed her afternoon tea in the newly decorated cubby!

Lovely productive weekend. Though I can report dogs first night in new kennel not a success, they spent the night crying & barking.
Any tips on how to encourage dogs to like new sleeping quarters are welcome!!
Have a great week:)


  1. Looks like loads of fun for the kids. And beautiful weather to boot. Miss Cheeky is absolutely adorable. As for the pooches, they must think they are being punished or something. ha! I imagine they will get used to their new digs at some point. Have a lovely week. Tammy

    1. Thanks Tammy fingers crossed for good nights sleep tonight. Went out and got some treats today to reward for good behaviour!!

  2. The dog kennel looks great. I hope the dogs get accustomed to it with time.


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