Wednesday, July 25


My two little ones just love days when we are not rushing around
doing errands and we can enjoy time at home....

They both have great imaginations and I love to watch quietly whilst they go about in their own little worlds keeping very busy.
My little man who loves to dress up & is currently into building. With his own tools in hand, he has spent the past few days busily hammering and sawing into trees.
Cheeky Charley is never too far away, with her baby getting dragged around, watching in awe big bro & trying to copy whatever he is doing.

Days like these are my favourites. Outdoors in the sunshine watching happy little people being busy, but busy in a fun, imaginative way!

Hope you are having a fun happy week so far.


  1. Your little ones are so adorable! I love when kids are using their imagination for creative play. Something my boys at 13 and 16 no longer do. Thanks for stopping by my corner of the world. Have a lovely day. Tammy

  2. These days are ones to really remember and cherish. I do adore little ones and the ways they use their imaginations and go into their own little worlds. Haven't the sunny days been lovely:) xx

  3. Gorgeous! I love days at home too. It's amazing watching little imaginations at work :)


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