Thursday, May 24

Beautiful things..

Beautiful new fabrics arrived today, really love the first vintage teddy fabric.

Beautiful colours are blooming in our backyard...

Beautiful scent of lavender wafting in the air...

Most importantly my beautiful little Cheeky Charley...I love you so!

Hope your day was surrounded by beautiful things:)


  1. Lavender is one of my favourite smells. When we had all the flooding mine ended up dying because of too much water and I just haven't replaced them but I would walk past and brush them to get the smell on my hands. And your little girl is certainly very cute indeed. x

    1. We have struggled growing Lavender & I'm stoked we finally have a lovely blooming bunch. Thank you for your lovely comment on our Cheeky Charley. Hope you had a great weekend:) Nx

  2. How gorgeous your baby is! Love her skirt x

    1. Thanks Elisa, she is a very precious girl in our family & now she is walking we love to dress her in skirts:)Nx


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