Monday, November 12



finally we had rain on Saturday which was such a delight, as we so desperately needed it.
our weekend was spent:-
  • reading
  • collecting flowers; cutting, gluing and drawing.
  • hubby & I competed in a mountain 10.5km charity fun run. it was fun to lace up our runners together and join the fight against men's health issues, specifically prostrate cancer and depression in men. 
  • mending was done..the pile was getting a bit out of control. it is a task that i hate, but feel so pleased it's done. so are my kids, as most of it was their uniforms & an outfit for little miss cheeky was adjusted.
  • life has gotten a bit crazy lately and my poor sewing machine was a little neglected. so I spent a few hours happily sewing.
  • pinning was also accomplished with a quilt, so now i can commence the quilting.

how was your weekend spent?



  1. The rain was just beautiful wasn't it:) Good on you for doing that run, I think it's wonderful that mens health is getting the recognition that it deserves. Glad you got some time to get back on your sewing machine, it's nice to get some time to yourself to relax doing something you enjoy. Wishing you a wonderful week. x

  2. Sounds like a sweet weekend. Well done on the fun run! Also, love that you crafted with flowers.


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