Wednesday, November 14

mixed emotions

my little man next year will embark on the next chapter in his
today was orientation morning. i had to leave him for a couple of hours, whilst he met teachers; new friends and had time to explore his new learning environment. we hugged and kissed goodbye....both with mixed emotions.

i will miss my little friend, so will little miss cheeky. this little boy stole my heart five years ago. when i first lay eyes on this gorgeous round little ball with thick black hair and such chubby cheeks...i was gone. totally and utterly besotted and still am!
he is such a caring loving soul. he loves to explore, question and investigate everything in life.

i love been the fly on the wall and observing him at play. he can happily entertain himself for hours and goes off in his own little world. one day his buzz light year, next batman and maybe even a pirate. his dress up box is huge! when in costume he embraces the persona of the character in every way.

 he is such wonderful company, i love our conversations we have and hearing his constant chatter.
my little man is so ready for this next stage in his life, he is super keen to learn, wear a uniform and see his big sister in the playground.

i'm happy for him but also sad this part of our lives will soon be over.
this is him all set to go...
this is the face i was met with after his orientation morning:) 
"love you to the moon and back my little man". xx


  1. My first little man will be embarking on his own adventure next year ... college! Yikes! I tell you, I look at him sometimes and think, how did you get so old and so tall and where did all that hair on your legs come from? Ha! It seems with every blink of the eye, something changes. I love the saying, give them wings to fly, and roots to find their way home. Looks like your little man is happily ready for his next phase of life. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. It is amazing how quickly these years fly by. I also look at my eldest daughter who will be commencing high school next year & wonder what has happended to those years. I also love that saying...I'll be using that with my little man & big girl next year. Have a great weekend Tammy:)

  2. ..and mine are graduating from college! Time goes TOO quickly doesn't it?!

    He is adorable.. enjoy every second and take lots of pictures along the way. It's all good and never as "bad" or difficult as people say {raising kids}

    Have a great weekend!


  3. It's so hard to watch them go off to school but at the same time you are also so proud and excited for them setting off on a new chapter in their lives. It's lovely to see him so happy there at school I hope you will be ok on his first day too, I will be thinking of you. x


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