Friday, November 2

this week

hectic week with new stock arriving, unpacking all the goodies and uploading onto my website...
starting feel bit like Christmas!! 

here are a couple of the new lines which are now available in my little store.
plus i've tried out instagram for the first time. i'm so not techno savy, these images show my first attempts at this new app. it's rather fun!

new values's nice to be surrounded by words of wisdom and inspiration, guaranteed to brighten your day:)

these white metal ice/drink buckets are fabulous. Come in two great sizes.
I love the rope handles.

hope you've had a fabulous week in your little worlds.
Enjoy the your weekend ahead:)


  1. Love the metal baskets, they'll make a wonderful champagne/ wine holder!

  2. I'm not very tech savvy either and have thought about instagram but I'm afraid I'll become hooked and blogging already takes up a lot of time so I think I'll stay away:) Those metal baskets look great Nicole I like the rope handles, it give it a nice rustic look. Have a great week. x


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