Tuesday, September 4

Snuggle Blankey

Finally have got around to posting images of new line, which is a mini quilt. 

This scrappy mini quilt is the perfect size for new borns, great for a bassinet, pram, in the car or tummy time. As the child grows older it can be used for creative play:- teddy bears picnic or to help make indoor cubby house.
It was fun to use up some scraps of fabric sitting in my stash of remnants from previous projects and also fabrics I purchased and only ordered some quantities of.

I've named it the"snuggle blankey":-


As always Little Miss Cheeky managed to get in the photo shoot!

Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. Looks like Little Miss Cheeky approves of the snuggle blankey. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  2. It is adorable and the fabric scraps are just gorgeous!!

  3. It's really pretty Nicole, a great way to use up those fabric scraps. x


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