Monday, August 6


I must confess we are no green thumbs in this family, we love to potter around in the garden, but my hubby & I really have no idea what we are doing.
We love to spend time outdoors as much as possible & encourage our children to play outside exploring & using their imaginations.
This morning my little man came running inside so excited that he & Daddy just pulled out a carrot. One lone little carrot was grown by us, it's not big by any means & will not feed us for dinner, but we grew it!!

With the excitement of our carrot, my little man was keen to do some more planting. So we spent some time in the gardening, digging, planting & watering.

Naturally little miss cheeky had to help & enjoyed getting her hands dirty.

We planted cauliflower; chilly & curry tree; oregano; parsley; basil & thyme. We use a lot of fresh herbs & generally have some luck with keep them alive!

Have you spent much time out in your garden recently?



  1. Good luck Nicole. I hope everything grows well for you. xxoo

    1. So do we, if it doesn't had lots of fun with the kids doing it:)

  2. Good to give those kids some green thumbs while they are young. My boys used to love to go out in my uncle's garden in Mississippi to pick things. And if they see a blackberry bush, they are ecstatic. Unfortunately, there are no blackberry bushes here. And no gardening or growing until the winter months roll around at the very end of the year. :/ Best wishes to you, Tammy


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