Friday, August 3

Beautiful things Friday

I was never really into pink, but I think Little Miss Cheeky has turned me around, as pink looks really good on her. So this inspired today's beautiful things.

Pretty in pink:-

How fabulous are these shoes?

I'm not into cars, but do love VW bugs and have always said to  my kids I would love a van to drive them all around. I think this pink one is rather cool!

loving these colours:-

bring on summer so I can have a drink that looks this pretty:-

Hope you had a wonderful week & enjoy the weekend ahead!:)


  1. Hi Nicole, I've always loved pink (except for Barbie doll pink which always makes me feel a bit nauseated!). And I agree, pink looks great on children. So lovely to meet you. Have a great weekend x

  2. There's a van driving around here that is Pepto Bismol pink and it is pretty darn icky. I'm not really a pink person but for some reason, when I wear it, always get compliments. Have a great evening. Tammy

  3. Pink used to be my favourite colour when I was little but decided blue was a more mature colour to like when I was older;) I do like your pink pictures and I have to say I have warmed to pink again too:) I hope you had a lovely weekend. x


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