Thursday, May 10

Product of the week

In my little store, we have decided to do a special of the week.
This means we will promote a product or particular range highlighting features along with special pricing for one week onlySometimes we may limited stock and wish to clear it out to make way for new products.
This weeks product of the week is:- "Silver Tiered Cake/Fruit Stand".

"Silver Tiered Cake/Fruit Stand" - 3 tiers of delectable beauty. This cake or fruit stand is stunning for petite fours, your favourite macaroons or makes plain old biscuits look first class Also check out our stunning silver platted tea pot and sugar bowl.
Stand was $120 special price for one week $80.00. If interested be quick as very limited stock. Teapot & sugar bowl also drastically reduced for the week!

My little cheeky Charley helping out at my feet whilst doing photo shoot!!

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