Wednesday, May 2

My little man

I just adore the energy and imagination my little man has. From the moment his little eyes open in the morning he is ready to go. Each day he wakes with his eyes bright, shiny and a big smile on his face, ready to embrace whatever new adventures are ahead.
He recently mastered to ride his bike & on the weekend advanced to a big bike. So he was busting to go riding with me on my bike. So this morning we did! He was in heaven, you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face, he kept looking at me saying “how great is this Mummy?” And I must say it was fantastic. With four kids and working, sometimes you get so caught up with rushing around, it’s nice to enjoy the simple a bike ride. Enjoy the moment!
My little man also loves to dress up. Today he spent the entire day as Batman. Everywhere we went he was a superhero, he was oblivious to all the looks and smiles from onlookers.

He is a wonderful companion and during times of mayhem, he will always say something or do something that makes me smile which melts my heart!

" parent's love is whole no matter how many times divided."  Robert Brault.

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