Friday, August 31

Beautiful things Friday

With my daughter #1 soon to turn 12, she is desperate to update her room to a "young girls" room. So for inspiration I turned to pininterest & discovered some rather amazing bedroom fit outs.

These aren't the look my daughter is looking for, but very creative different designs:-

My girls would love to have beds like this when they were younger, dreaming that they were fairies..

 Naturally I was drawn to this with patchwork quilt. Love all the vintage furniture.
Love the contrast and the letters on the wall. Gorgeous textiles with texture.
How sweet is this cupboard armoire?


 Glamorous... pretty chandelier & large scale wallpaper.
Have a fabulous weekend ahead:)



  1. Lots of great ideas for use of space. I redid my kids room the beginning of this year but stopped with the organizing and need to finish that up one of these days. :/ Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  2. I agree with you, I love that patchwork quilt and vintage furniture:) I hope you have a wonderful weekend. x

  3. Such fun beds and a dream for a young girl - love the built in nooks!!


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