Monday, July 2

Weekending & Sunshine

I'm so grateful to see some clear skies & the winter sunshine return.
Last week my little man was so unwell, I've never seen him so sick. For 6days he lay on the couch or was curled up in bed asleep. He had raging fevers & the usual flu systoms, but it really knocked his little body around. My little boy is  normally full of beans, active & healthy eater. It is not nice watching your precious children be so ill, I felt so helpless, all I could do was make him as comfortable as possible and try keep the other kids away from him & let him rest. Which when it is raining for days - was not an easy task especially
with Cheeky Charley.
Finally day 7 he woke with some colour in his cheeks, an apetite & we saw the sun shine!

Yesterday I was also very grateful to spend the day doing something just for me, which I totally enjoy & don't practice enough - yoga!
I attended the Brisbane yogaFest, it was a day spent in total bliss & after a week of feeling zapped of energy caring 24/7 for my sick little man, it was a real treat.
I stretched my tired aching body & really pushed myself into postures I was amazed I could do. It was also really inspiring to see so many active people, in tune within their bodies - also people from all levels of fitness taking time out of their hectic lives to unite with their mind; body & spirit.

I walked away at the end of the day of practicing feeling more
energetic, happier and at peace.

Did you do anything on the weekend which made you feel really alive?


  1. I'm so glad to hear that your little boy is feeling more like himself now it's awful not being able to do anything to make them better especially when they are usually so healthy. I like the sound of your day of yoga, time to yourself and doing something just for you. It has been too long since I've been to yoga, when the girls are back at school I'm going to do my best to get back into the routine of going. I felt alive when we went for a walk in the warm sunshine on Saturday down at Wynnum it was a beautiful winters day. Have a great week Nicole. x

  2. It must be such a relief to see your little one on the mend. It's so hard to see them sick, let alone when they are really sick. It sounds like the yoga was just what was needed.

    1. Thanks Catherine & Tania for your comments & such a relief to see my little man back to his roudy healthy active self!!:) Nx

  3. So pleased your little man is feeling better Nicole. YogaFest: sounds just perfect. : ) xxoo


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