Thursday, July 12

Growing up

My Cheeky Charley is growing up. It is amazing watching her develop & how quickly she learns things from her three older siblings. As the fourth child in a very busy, loud household she has learnt to be independent and of recent found her voice. To my horror over the past few days started throwing tantrums if she doesn't get what she wants (which is not something I'm encouraging & working very hard to teach her another way to handle situations if it is not going her way - it's extremely exhausting as she is rather head strong).

Sadly I no longer have a little baby. She thinks she is a big girl and wants to do everything her older siblings are doing. Getting her into her high chair is a huge drama, she thinks sitting on a big chair is for her!

Yesterday afternoon I discovered her pulling out cereal from the cupboard, tipping it out & happily eating it off the floor. Fourth child - learnt how to fend for herself.

She absolutely idolises her big bro and he adores her.

Our cheeky Charley is also our adorable little special baby whom we never thought would be part of our family, she has brought us all so much joy & happiness. Her cheeky little smile & the way she giggles makes my heart melt.



  1. Oh yes, I remember those days. I use to look at our's when they fell asleep and think they looked so angelic. Surely it wasn't him that threw that tantrum a short while ago. xxoo

    1. Last night as she fed before bed, we gazed into each others eyes, I thought how could someone so little & beautiful throw such a massive tantrum. The joys xx

  2. Aw she is so so sweet. Love these pics!

  3. Awww she is a little cutie. It is sad how the littlest one seems to grow up so much faster than the others. xx


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