Tuesday, April 24

Special morning

Don't you love spare of the moment outings?
I had one this morning. After dropping girls to school, we took hubby into the city for a meeting and ended up at Roma St Parkland's, in Brisbane city with my little man & Cheeky Charley.
We had a glorious morning wondering around admiring the waterfalls and stunning flowers in bloom! My little man loved it and keep saying "how wonderful is this Mummy, can we come back again?"


  1. How sweet! I'd forgotten about that park. I'll have to take Cohen exploring there for sure. :)

    1. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful place to visit right here in our city and best of all FREE! Nx

  2. Isn't that a sweet thing for your little one to say, he sounds like he had a wonderful time too. I enjoy taking my girls to the park too it's been a little while though maybe on the weekend we will try going on an outing. x

  3. He does come up some absolute classic comments Catherine, that always puts a smile on my face! Sadly park visits when they get older becomes more difficult as they are get busy with school and extra activities. Then when you do it, you think how nice it is!:)


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